Twelve Spices, Canley Heights

twelve spices

twelve spices

Location: 197 St Johns Rd, Canley Heights NSW 2166

Menu: Authentic Thai and Laos cuisine.

Prices: Mains are priced at around $15+

Recommended Dishes: My boyfriend loves the Pad Thai here, I also recommend the pork skewers (pictured) and don’t forget to get a FRUIT SHAKE (also pictured) as you can even mix and match different fruits (my personal favourite being strawberry/lychee).

Summary: As a local of this area, I really appreciate the fact that Canley Heights has transformed into a bustling hub of fooding goodness. (Travel down Canley Vale Rd these days and you will get a headache from all the options available). This makes it extremely convenient when the pantry is empty on a Friday night and I need a fulfilling feed. Twelve Spices is a little out of the way, located on a small stretch of small shops, surrounded by suburban homes.

Inside, the restaurant is usually bustling with customers, with a nice, chilled-out vibe and friendly waiters. The dishes come out fairly quickly and the service is adequate and relaxed. It can become extremely busy on Friday-Sunday so make sure to get their early if you’re not in for a long wait out in the cold. I quite prefer Twelve Spices in comparison to other Thai restaurants in the area such as Holy Basil and Green Peppercorn which can be a hit and miss, with inconsistent and disappointing service at times.

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